David & Maria B.

This has been a long overdue thank you.. Maria and I just wanted to let everyone know how Travis Steward Exemplifies Sorensen Real Estate and what it signifies. We usually set standards remarkably high for our service personal and Travis didn’t disappoint our expectations; he always sets the bar higher for himself and his team. His knowledge and skills of all aspects of the industry is seldom seen for someone of his age just being 22 years old. Travis’s determination to produce results while upholding his integrity and doing so with a charm and care, that will creates customers who not only will rave about him for today, but will refer to him for a lifetime. Travis efforts transcend our every dream; He approaches each day with a focus of improving the fabric of our communities and the lives of those he is able to serve. He is a valued individual serving Sorensen Real Estate and I am proud to have the opportunity to know him thank you again Travis.